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it was not a simple but rather a very complex passion

This is the graphics journal of cease11

Please read the Rules
  • Please comment if you are taking. This brings rays of sunshine, as bright as Kame's glitter pants, into my life.
  • Please credit if you are using. It takes a long time to make the graphics and to write the codes for layouts. On how to credit, please refer to this post
  • Re-post. It's lovely that you have made your own banners or changed the background/colours, and I'm totally for customising layouts for your own personal use - however, please do not re-post or redistribute them. This rule applies even if you offer to give credit.
  • Ask for the format of the layout to be changed. Feel free to take the banner with credit and use it on other layouts. On the other hand, if you are having trouble changing a banner/background/colour scheme, I'd be glad to help out.
All posts will be eventually locked. Please join the community. Membership is open and I promise to supply lots of pretty boys.

Enjoy your stay ♥
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